#WhatMakesSG – Digital Farming

This year is Singapore #SG53. NatGeo is celebrating it with a campaign called #WHATMAKESSG. They are gathering response from the public to determine what makes Singapore one of the most diverse, dynamic and innovative countries on the planet?

The photo competition has recently gone viral and you probably saw the winning entry with the Otter enjoying it catch with MBS as background.

Wildlife in an Urban Jungle

Wildlife in an Urban Jungle (NatGeo: KANG YEN THIING )

But this is not why I’m writing this post. Part of the campaign has a report on how Singapore is leading the world in Hydroponics Farming. Yes. Hydroponics! You can read the reports from this link. Sadly, the whole report did not have much new information with alot of mentioning to Sustenir Agriculture. Yes. The same company on the strawberry farming…..

Nevertheless, its a good development for hydroponics farming in an urban environment!

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