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Hydroponics System – EBB, DWC, NFT?

Starting your indoor farming using hydroponics and considering which hydroponics system is best suitable for your case? In this article, I'll be discussing the most common hydroponics system in use today and hopefully, you can use the information to decide the best system for yourself.The 7 SystemsLet's start the list from beginners to expert level.  I'll share my experience on each of these system and any recommendations using them. We can break these systems down to 3 main topics; 1) Is it a circulating or non-circulation system.  2) Is it possible to build it yourself or better to get it off-the-shelf from manufacturer.  3) How much time needed to maintain the system weekly. KRATKY SYSTEM - The idol proofIt is the only system in this list that allow you to grow without any moving parts that need electricity. It can be a 100% "hands off" system if you choose the right crops to grow. This system was first research and recommended by Dr. Bernard A. kratky from University of Hawaii at Manoa, hence named Kratky System. Dr. Kratky published a whitepaper on this topic in 2010 and has made it available publicly.  In this system, we fill the bucket/reservoir with nutrient water to the top touching the net pot holding the
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