Sprout 2018

A Farm-to-People Festival is the main mantra for Sprout 2018 organized by Suntec. This is their debut event at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre on  7 – 8 July 2018.

I was able to visit it today (7th July) with my family and was presently surprised on the quality of the vendors (still not as many I’ll like but pretty decent for a debut) and the crowds that gathered.

  • Aerospring is showcasing their vertical planter with LEDs around the system. I can see why they do it but the whole setup no longer looks like the cool impressive system they used to be without the lights.

  • Greenspade is there promoting their products. Was tempted to buy their neem oil…
  • Sustenir Agriculture (yes, the indoor strawberry company we wrote about in the previous post) is on site also but sadly did not see their famed strawberry.
  • Vegepod has an interesting idea of placing a raised bed in your garden.
  • and many others. Go take a look if you have time.

Tried a few food vendors also. The main theme is wholesome food.

Hope Sprout event will return next year with bigger and stronger vendors!

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