Commercial Hydroponics Strawberry Farm in Singapore

(Photo Credits: CNA Strawberry Farm)

A local farm (Sustenir Agriculture) has announced that they have successfully “crack the code” to farming Strawberry indoor using hydroponics system by controlling the temperature.

If you are wondering, yes, they are using the Ebb n Flow (EBB) system. To find out more on the EBB system, read this post.

The interesting news-worthy part is that they are using high technology like robotics to germinate and transplant the seedlings. You might be wondering, how are they pollinating the flower? Are the robots able to take over this tedious task of growing Strawberry indoor when we do not have natural pollinators?

Sorry to say, they are also doing it manually.


  1. Sprout 2018 - pluckgreens says:

    […] Sustenir Agriculture (yes, the indoor strawberry company we wrote about in the previous post) is on site also but sadly did not see their famed strawberry. […]

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