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DIY Hydroponic Starter-Kit

One of the most effective Do-It-Yourself (DIY) hydroponic starter-kit systems you can build at home with minimum tools and DIY skill is the Deep-Water Culture system. To build this system, you need the below-listed item. Materials A Plastic container. It can be of any shape with a stable base. Start with a decent size around a square foot. A circular or rectangular container does not really matter for this project. Do you have a pail or some extra storage container lying around, you probably can reuse/recycle it for this project.DWC need to be able to inject bubble into the reservoir (container). To achieve this, we need to have an air pump with an air stone. You can head to your nearest aquarium shop and get one. You don't need a powerful pump, something around the range of 6 to 10 watts is sufficient. Remember to grab a few feet (depending on the height of your container) of air tube while you are there. Air tube is needed to hook up the air pump to the air stone.  While you are in the aquarium shop, do check with them if they have any spare net pot used to hold the aquatic plant for sale. If you
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