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What am I growing?

I was at friends gathering a few days back and the topic of discussion when into urban gardening. Had a great discussion sharing our experience in gardening in an apartment. Most of them tried growing flowers types like orchid and hibiscus. When I mentioned I mainly only grow edibles, it seems like I’m one of the minority. Some of them did try growing herbs but not vegetables like Lettuce and Xiao Bai Chai. As I thought it will be a good time for me to start a post to list the type of edibles I had tried growing and hopefully extend the list as I progress. Will list the easiest to grow to the most difficult, at least in my context using mainly Hydroponics. Basil Xiao Bai Chai Kale Peas (microgreens) Mint Rosemary Mizuna Colinada Sunflower (microgreens) Okra Cherry Tomato Chilli Brinjal Bitter Gourd Onion Japanese Cucumber Watermelon Brussel Sprout Cabbage Lettuce Chilli Pepper Tomato Sunflower Squash Strawberry Peas Japanese Melon Carrot  
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