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Indoor Urban Farming. Is it worth the efforts?

Do you know anyone around you that are doing Urban farming today in their home? Have you ever wonder what are these urban farmers farming and why are they doing it? We’ll explore the “why” in another article but for now, let’s try to understand what we mean by Indoor Urban Farming. In order to do that, we need to explore 4 important concepts that enable us to be successful in Indoor Urban Farming. 1) What is an Urban Farming Movement? Urban Farming is when people are able to create food on unused land and space regardless it is a private or public housing estates. Urban Farms has also been created successfully in eateries, malls, schools, and offices. Many developing and developed countries worldwide are adopting urban farming in their city master plan mainly due to food security. Many non-government agencies are promoting the movement to grow your own food in suburban and urban cities because it provides fresh food, generates employment, recycles urban wastes, creates greenbelts, and strengthens cities’ resilience to climate change. 2) What is Indoor Farming? Indoor farming moves the creation of food from outdoor setup to an indoor environment. In Singapore, AVA is providing financial support to the farmer who is keen
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